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Effective Home Remedies for Fleas on pets

Fleas are the constant worry for all pet owners. The pests feed off the blood of your beloved pets and can become a major issue for your pet and your entire family. The pets are prone to fleas’ problems more in the summer season. There are a lot of solutions to deter the fleas but […]

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How to explore Ibn Battuta travel experiences

Ibn Battuta was a famous Muslim traveler in the history and his travel experience is exceptional. He was born in Morocco in a Muslim family who had the tradition of becoming the judge of the local community but he left this legacy and went out for exploring the world. There are many journals that can […]

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Tencent’s new smart galasses, a variation of snap spectacles

A Chinese social media company tencent released its own adaptation of smart glasses, but they look and work a lot like Snapchat’s Spectacles. These glasses area knows as “Weishi” and include a small camera in the front corner which can be used to take pictures and record a video or film from a first-person’s perspective. […]

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Customizing ads on Facebook for Dynamic ad campaigns

For marketing purposes, it is necessary to make your content attractive enough so that it appears to be more appealing to the viewers. Studies have shown that an ad which has an attractive outlook and catchy title then there are more chances that the users will visit those ads. Visiting those ads will create traffic […]

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Why Follower Count Matters on Instagram for your business and professional account.

Social media is all about the game of numbers. People always keep an eye on your followers count and posts like because the more you have followers, the more your account will be trustworthy for your audience. This number game is essential for a successful Instagram profile too. Especially it is true when it comes […]

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