Why Follower Count Matters on Instagram for your business and professional account.

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Social media is all about the game of numbers. People always keep an eye on your followers count and posts like because the more you have followers, the more your account will be trustworthy for your audience. This number game is essential for a successful Instagram profile too. Especially it is true when it comes to your Instagram followers count on Instagram either on business or professional account. Both types of accounts can give you a great benefits when you have a large fan base on the Instagram profile. Luckily, we have outlined some tactics that will help you to build a solid fan base on the world’s largest video-sharing app, Instagram.

Gaining More Instagram Followers on your Professional Accounts

For getting better brand exposure, you should have more Instagram followers. Because you will get the following benefits with having a large following count.

  • Appears more trustworthy: People might overlook your content if you have double-figure followers on your profile. As it sends the messages to your audience that you have not worked hard to build your fan base. No one is interested to follow that brand which is lazy.
  • More followers equal more money: The higher number of followers led to more number of customers. The success of your brand based on how well you promote your product, not how many people you promote to. You can get the most of your business account when you have a number of potential customers and solid marketing strategies.
  • Affiliate sales. Having a large following base can give you a great chance to make money without any effort. Find another account or website that offers the affiliate program in your niche and collaborate with them. You can post their content on your profile and make money. And you can get more commission on every sale. A business account with large following count means a number of people will see your posts and likely to click that affiliate link.

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Gaining More Followers on your Personal Accounts

Why do you want to grow your following count on your personal account? It depends on what is the purpose to use this account. The as big following count can also benefit you in a number of ways. Let’s have a look at how you can get benefit from your personal account that has a lot of followers.

  • Build good interactions with people around the world: Although, we all take social media for granted especially Instagram. As you know, it let you connect with people all over the world. Even if have not joined this platform for making money or promote your brand, you can connect with a number of people across the world who have the same interest as you have.
  • Make your Instagram profile more interesting: On Instagram, there are hundreds of thousands of personal accounts out there. Some accounts have only a few followers (family, friends & acquaintances). Make your profile more interesting, if you want to get more Instagram followers. People will likely to follow you to know what your profile is all about that a lot of people follow you.

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