Future of IGTV when it comes to small brands and businesses

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IGTV being a new feature for the social media platform which is Instagram. Its basic purpose is to share videos regarding marketing or advertising brands or businesses. Many top brands started to test the feature but even having millions of followers on their social media platforms they cant get a solid following and views on the videos they share on the IGTV. Due to this fact many small businesses are confused that whether they should jump into this new feature for marketing or they should totally ignore it as it is not even helping the big brands. This article will elaborate that this feature is on a rise and it will be in mainstream sooner or later so small businesses should keep their eye on the IGTV for marketing and advertising their content.

First thing that many businesses and brands have to realize that the market is dominated by the mobile users now. Every feature which is launched is made compatible with the mobile-phones. Due to this videos in the vertical format or in a mobile format so which is why IGTV is highly based on this format which is the mobile format. Different studies have been made that users have been watching videos in the vertical format more as compared to the flipped format which is the horizontal format. This is why IGTV has chosen this format as their default one.

The main challenge that IGTV faces is the distribution of the videos in terms of moving their followers on Instagram and views to the IGTV. Instagram CEO told in an interview that this feature will take time to fully adapt by the users so it is too early to ignore this feature if you are interested in the marketing and advertising domains.

If you are running a small brand or a business and you are already using Instagram for posting videos related to your brands then you can simply start re-posting it into the IGTV which would be a good step as it is a very low investment. Your brand could easily adapt in near future by testing the feature now. The other thing small brands or businesses can pull that by cropping their already made horizontal videos into a vertical format for the IGTV, from this you can test the feature which IGTV brings to their users.

Another simple to try out the IGTV is by shooting videos in the vertical format through IGTV. Start with creating raw videos, it all depends on that how you are conveying your message through the videos. Your content should be related to the profile that you are running on the Instagram. Many starters are producing videos on their own in a raw format on the IGTV so that they can fully understand the platform from the start. IGTV is a new platform so it is the best time to try it out and experience it, if you are going to use it for marketing or advertising content related to your brand or business or you are a simple user.


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