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Ibn Battuta was a famous Muslim traveler in the history and his travel experience is exceptional. He was born in Morocco in a Muslim family who had the tradition of becoming the judge of the local community but he left this legacy and went out for exploring the world. There are many journals that can be found in the life of Ibn Battuta which explain the journey he had and how he went through various hardships. The regions explored by him were so vast that they offer a great insight to people reading about it. Following are the ways to explore the Ibn Battuta travels.

Travel diaries

Ibn Battuta preserved his legacy in the form of writings, he wrote down his experiences in which he discussed the places he visited and the people he met. The regions include almost the whole Islamic world and many other western countries. The journey went on from the West and North Africa towards Pakistan and then to Maldives and India. Sri Lanka, China, and Southeast Asia were also covered in his voyage. The main purpose behind starting this journey was to go on Haj towards Mecca which is a religious Pilgrimage made by most of the Muslims. His whole travel experience is shown in the travel documents shared by him and other scholars. Many people worked on his travel experiences even after his death.

Travel experience

There are a lot of places visited by him that they collectively make up almost 40 countries of this age. However, some people claim that Ibn Battuta did not visit all the countries stated by him. The overview of the places which were the part of his Voyage is as follows.

  • In 1325 he went from North Africa towards Cairo.
  • Then in 1326, he moved from Cairo to Damascus, Jerusalem, Madina and then Mecca.
  • After performing Haj in Mecca he traveled towards Persia and Iraq in the years of 1326 and 1327.
  • East Africa, the Arabian Sea, and the Red Sea were explored by him from the years 1328 to 1330.
  • In Anatolia, he spent the years till 1331.
  • After that, the Chagatai and Land of Golden Horde were
  • Then he moved towards Asia where he stayed from 1334 to 1341 in Delhi which was the capital of the Muslim India.
  • He escaped from the city of Delhi towards Sri Lanka and Maldives Islands from the year 1341 to 1344.
  • After his stay in China for one year, he went back to his homeland Morocco.
  • He wrote Rihla which is considered his travel journey in the year 1355.

This is the brief description of Ibn Battuta travels from the start last f his journey. These travels can be explored individually through different channels. There are a lot of biographies and books available on this topic to facilitate the people who want to explore the journey of Ibn Battuta. These are in-depth studies of the voyages made by him.

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