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In this technology era, the most entertaining bandwagon on the internet is YouTube playlists. Not only this, but also if you are interested in some stuff there is availability of a complete YouTube playlist.

You will find a complete range of YouTube playlists almost on every title like game of thrones seasons, house music of 2020, how to maximize your video views? and many more.

By dint of, YouTube you can get easy access to various informative lectures, motivational lectures, and many more at your fingertips. Furthermore, it can act as a customer engagement tool for various brand builders and marketers. Let’s discuss how we can create a playlist on YouTube, and amplify its views.

YouTube playlist:

YouTube playlist is a tailored list of your favorite most videos that will play one after another, automatically. Furthermore, you can do the grouping of playlists by specific channels and interests. Not only this, but you can also share it with your friends so they can use and edit it.

Almost you can add all the content in the playlist of YouTube except a few. For instance, if you want to create a playlist by name of “made for kids” on YouTube playlist, then there is bad news for you because in U.S.A this type of videos is restricted.

YouTube playlist creation:

  • The first step in YouTube playlist creation is plain sailing, at first and foremost you have to do is to decide the place of hosting. Furthermore, for the convenience of users, YouTube playlists will be automatically hosted by the medium in which you categorize or place them. So, it is quintessential for you to place the videos on the right channel before taking the start because it matters a lot.

This possibility also exists that you access to diverse channels at a time. So, in this case, YouTube will automatically create a channel associated with your account. Not only this, but also you can easily manage your business and brand channels.

  • For proper navigation to the appropriate channel, you have to select your avatar that will be easily available on the screen at the right corner, and after the appearance of dropdown, you have to select the option of “switch account”. After that select the appropriate channel which you want to add to your YouTube playlist.

The second step that you need to follow is again the selection of avatar. This time selected avatar will be used as your channel image. And for this purpose select the option of “my channel” from the dropdown. This complete action will take you to your main page of the channel i.e. central hub at where you store and manage the YouTube content of your brand. For creating a YouTube playlist, select the option of “customize channel” to get access to YouTube video manager. This will assist you in creating the playlist on YouTube.

After following the prior step you will also be able to edit your YouTube channel that includes the section of about information, following channels list, videos, subscribers, and many more. And for creating the playlist on YouTube, you need to select the “Playlist option”, available on the menu.

By following the above step you will be able to see the existing playlist and also create a new playlist by clicking on the available option of “new playlist”. After selecting this, YouTube will ask about the title of it. For this enter your desirable title and make click on the option of create. Not only this, but also you have the option of change i.e. you can change it any time.

The process is not completed yet, now, you need to add videos to your playlist. For this select the option of “edit”. And from the playlist editor, you can manage various functions. First of all, add a few videos, for this select the option of “add videos” to begin.

For the easiness of customers, YouTube offers three different ways of adding videos to a YouTube playlist.

Not only this, but you can also share the created playlist with the whole world by clicking on the “share” button. You can do this by copying the URL of the playlist, then, email that URL to your peer group, and you can also embed it on the website.


In a nutshell, you can increase your subscribers, and likes by posting relevant content on the YouTube playlist.

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