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When it comes to your thought of landing your song on the playlist of Spotify, get ready to work hard. This work will not be done instantly. In this regard you have to follow some basic steps. You have to build your playlist resume first of all. The algorithm of Spotify will take instant notice as soon as your songs start seeing some lower-level activity of playlist. It means you are now in the eyes of some famous playlist curators.

 Prepare your own playlist

This is the very first step after which you are able to connect fans and the cycles of album. You can always update the old songs and prepare a new context.

People enjoy music on headphones


  • Open Spotify app and click the sign of (+) that leads you to new playlist.
  • Give attractive name and description to your playlist. In the description you can write about the style of music and mention various artists.
  • As it is said that picture says it all. Prepare a customized image for your playlist and upload. In an attempt to pre order page or music store, add a valid url to the “insert link” bar. Press created start reading songs you can do this when you start searching the song on Spotify and then drag it towards your playlist.

Almost every other person is allowed to create a playlist on Spotify. But, Spotify cannot accept all playlists to grow. If you want your playlist to be available in the search bar, make sure to get it published first. Once you pass this phase you are able to reach to a number of people and increase your fan base. Characteristics

A person plays the songs that are usually available in search. Following are the attributes of a playlist that is usually shown up in the search bar of Spotify:

  • Highlight your interests

Your playlist must reflect your fervor, enthusiasm and excitement in you. It means a regular update and upgrade of your playlist is mandatory. Keep making changes to your playlist and keep adding different features. This maintains the expectations of your followers.  Create diversity in the list of your songs even if the playlist plays the music of only one artist. If your playlist keeps its focus only on one artist, Spotify algorithm has complete right to downgrade it.

Target songs

The playlist that are mostly favored by the algorithm of Spotify contains songs within the range of 20 to 60. When you first create the list keep your target between 25 to 30. Then, keep adding songs regularly. Once you are about to reach 60 songs, remove the old tracks immediately.

Keywords that you use in your description must be attractive. Also there is an idea about buying Spotify followers about genre and style of the music.

The playlist with the best characteristics that completely satisfy the rules of Spotify are selected for publishing. Only then, your playlist appears in the search bar.

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