Increasing South Asian Students in Canada Brings New Business Opportunities

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Canada, a state of maple syrup, provides abundant educational scholarships to well-known universities to International students especially South-Asian. As it is the world’s second-largest country by area but occupies less population it encourages immigrants. Various business opportunities and jobs are offered to the new immigrants to stable them in the country.

Moreover, due to the increased South Asian immigrants in Canada diverse gates of opportunities are open up for the citizens and non-citizens of Canada. Let’s discuss the business opportunities that are increased by the increasing South-Asians.

Business opportunities for immigrants

Canada is the best option for those who have been thinking about business immigration to this country. As its business consists of small and medium-sized companies that have less than 500 employees, over 8.3 million people have been employed. And 38.4% of contribution in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is done by the small business companies of Canada.

Canada always welcomes start-ups, women-owned businesses, entrepreneurship, and many more. It is full of opportunities that need to be availed by the newbies to flourish their skills and business. And this fact made it Canada to stand in the list of small-medium sized businesses on the third number.

Furthermore, According to Canadian statistics, higher numbers of job opportunities are created by immigrants’ owned-business than by Canadian-born.

  • Agriculture

One of the most lucrative sectors which account for $49 billion of Canada’s GDP is agri-food and agriculture. It provides so many opportunities for the immigrants to avail of a high number of job slots.

These sectors require skilled workers which prove to be a plus point for immigrants hunting for jobs. The following job slots are available in these sectors.

  • Workers in farm
  • Truck driver
  • Butchers etc.
  • Food services

An amazing sector full of diverse opportunities in the food services and accommodation. Although, nowadays COVID-19 has fully held the business but once the lockdown is lifted, it proves to be a smashing business. In the sector of tourism and hospitality, various diverse occupations are in demand. An abundant number of skilled workers are required as beverages and food servers to make your business successful. And this fact opens various job opportunities for unemployed people.

  • Construction:

A fabulous opportunity for those who are considering business immigration to Canada and for the investors to grow their business. Over time new development projects are increasing day by day and to meet the requirements of projects companies need to hire more employers. This hiring process increases the opportunities for unemployed people and helps the company in growing their business.

Besides the above, numerous other options provide benefits to the investors and companies due to the increase of South-Asian students.

South-Asian students are a lucrative source for the Canadian government as these high-skilled, professional, and highly educated immigrants amplify the GDP growth of the country by their services.

And according to the studies of 2017 $12.8 billion to Canada’s GDP has been increased by the international students along with providing support to 168, 860 jobs


In a nutshell, mostly South-Asian students prefer to opt for a Canada student visa due to appealing scholarships offered by the universities. Moreover, Canada student visa for Pakistani nationals, Indians, and Bangladesh is easy to access and this factor increases the South-Asian immigrants in Canada.


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