Why do people prefer playing indoor games?

Indoor games

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If you were the child who had grown up in the early 90s or 2000s, you would remember that your parents have been nagging the video games of yours to put down and to compel you to go out however that was found to be a common trend in those days but now this trend is going to be decreased day by day and getting less. There has been several pieces of research and surveys been conducted according to which an average of the 7 hours per week are spent outside by a kid aged 16 nowadays and people have stopped involving in the outdoor activities nowadays and this ratio is still having a downfall.

People now love to spend time inside and avoid engaging in outdoor activities though they think that indoor activities are best for recreation.

–   Increased indoor trends

According to the researches and the surveys, the children of the parents now force them to leave their houses and get involved in outdoor activities. However, this isn’t something surprising as this trend is the older one. Now the kids and the people of middle-aged as well prefer being inside rather than in getting involved to the outdoor activities and the indoor activities which they like the most are watching TV, surfing the net, video games, music, and playing cards. There was the least number of people who responded in favor of outdoor activities but not for indoor.

There are different sort of video games which are getting popularity among the children and this selection of the video games by the children have encouraged them to spend most of their time investing in indoor activities rather than in outdoor. According to the researches, the parents are highly concerned because of the routines of their children as they use to spend less time in outdoor activities while some of them were satisfied with their routines.

This isn’t only related to the children but with the young aged people as well because the people nowadays spend more time indoors and this is what they think to be recreational and fun. Most which they like to do indoors is playing cards with their friend’s circle and family and this is the source of fun for them. There is an increase in trend of indoor activities nowadays and this trend is expected to have more increase in the future.

–   Source of comfort and pleasure

The indoor games are the constant source of comfort and pleasure for the people as they don’t need to go somewhere out of their homes for having fun rather they could have their fun and enjoyment being at their place planning a get together with their friends and families. The level of comfort is maximum when someone is indoors rather than outdoors as he can sit at his own comfort and could do the things the way he wants to do without bothering of the impression that people might have of him when he is somewhere outdoors.

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